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Rheumatology Now is on a mission to educate you on your Arthritic conditions and issues associated with Arthritis and information to help you make better educated decisions on treatment methods and local practitioner options. Rheumatology Now is also just as focused on smart food choices and exercise options to help you understand how food and exercise can often help with Arthritis as well as the mental health toll of dealing with these conditions. Rheumatology Now in conjunction with Smart Food Now would like to give smart food options close to where you live or work. Let us do the work on researching smart food choices in conjunction with your health issues and concerns.

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Leveraging health and clinical evidence to guide us in creating healthy food choices and the right exercise to help our mental state and feed our bodies.

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Featuring hundreds of categories and thousands of videos Smart Food Now is here to educate and help you make small slow obtainable changes to your nutrition and exercise choices.




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